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The portal What is Beauty was created in April 2007. With a solid philosophical background, What is Beauty focuses on the reflection about aesthetics and its application in the areas of creation in the contemporary world. About Beauty seeks to promote material that is capable of giving a direction to artistic projects and to inform about interesting research made about aesthetics. The portal also promotes also some material and beautiful applications of this concept of Beauty, such as artists’ or creators’ portfolios. What is Beauty is an independent and nonprofit work.

This portal carried out 5 areas of research: architecture, graphic design, fashion, design object and art.

Every two months the portal is enriched with new articles and references in order to give a stronger foundation for reflection and inspiration.
These five chosen areas do not mean that we exclude other fields of application. The concept of Beauty is much more extended that these five areas. The portal will grow with your participation and your help.

You can help us by:

Sending suggestions and articles to the person in charge of the content: mdebaudus@yahoo.com

You could, for example, notify us of the existence of an interesting article, a quotation or its translation to an other language, a reference of a book or your research even if it is not in English. 

All participation is welcome
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